Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters. I am very worried about you all,,

Assalamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

dear brothers and sisters. I am very worried about you all, so I must tell you this. I know that some people may hate me already because I have mentioned it before. But please, stop listening to K-Pop and watching K-Drama. So, why am I tell you this? Well, because if you are listening to K-Pop and watching K-Drama, you will end up following their ideas. Today, I am sure that what I am saying aren't just words, there is a lot of mixing between Muslim boys and girls, staying in the same room together, and going out to places together, some of these places are quite far, yet they go together!

What's happening? Please fear Allah subhanahowataalah! I love all my brothers and sisters in Islam, we are all Muslims, so please listen to my advice, be very careful, Korea is not a free world, Allah is watching you wherever you are. There are Angels in Korea too, recording everything that you do. Take my sincere advice my dear brothers and sisters, do not mix freely among boys and girls, I saw a lot of photos of that. Please, fear Allah! If you are going to hate me for saying this, it's not a problem. If one day you realise and take my advice and come back to haq, then I will be very happy. I'm nothing, these are all from our Prophet (salah'Allaho alayhi wa'salam), so please do not hate our Prophet (salah'Allaho alayhi wa'salam) words. I fear that Allah and the angels will hate us. Be careful of this world, in the end, we will face Judgement Day and go to heaven or hell for our eternal afterlife. My brothers and sisters, a short time in hell for the sins you've committed, even small sins, is actually very painful, it's burning! When I say, why are you not wearing hijab, or why are you mixing freely between men and women and go out with each other, people starts to hate on me, but I don't fear anyone, I fear Allah subhanahowataalah, and this is why I am warning you to stay away from these sins. Please, turn to Allah before you return to Allah with your sins then it's too late. I am a revert Muslim, and before Islam, I used to watch dramas and listen to music, perhaps more than you. I've made many mistakes in my life, perhaps more than you too. I know how tempting and dangerous it can be.

May Allah forgive my sins. May Allah forgive us and protect us from the hellfire and guide us to the right path ameen...