Thursday, January 10, 2013

Important Message for All Muslims : for Spreading Islam in Korea

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim
Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam and All Arabs and Muslims who were born as Muslims, 
Today I want to give you very important advices and messages for our Ummah.

Islam must be spread to All world, and the Message of Quran must be reached to All people in the whole world because it's an order from Allah and His messenger salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam , and It's the Duty of All muslims, the duty of our Ummah!

Do you know about Korea ? If you don't know ask Any Shuyukh and Scholars. Surely most of people know that Korea is located on the east side and famous for cars and handphones. Korea has a strong culture and a strong economy. Its geographical location is important and surrounded with strong countries. Korea is a divided country and last place for Cold War. 

The important matter now is the koreans who don't know anything about Islam as there is no information about Islam there, while muslim countries send some old books with wrong Korean translation. The masajid are not enough and Da'wah work is not active, but the Christianity in Korea is very strong and tarnish the image of Islam . That's why most Koreans don't know anything about Islam. 

Did you know about this before ? Or even famous Sheikh did they know about This? If they know or don't know, both are problem because we don't do anything. It's our duty and emergency in our Ummah. 

Is it the same situation in Japan and they don't know about Islam ? No! there are many masajid and they have good information about Islam in Japanese language.

If people don't accept Islam it will be their problem but If we don't spread Islam in all places it will be our problem! what we did for Islam for the past 1400 years ?... 

My brothers and sisters in Islam., Kufar countries are not suitable places for our vacations. kufar countries are not places for enjoy. kufar countries are not places for looking at many naked girls and not places for not wearing hijab and feel freedom , not places for mixing men and women, not places for enjoy dancing in clubs and not places for follow k-pop and drama and love kufar singers and actors. 

I know most of people don't like this, but unfortunately most of people forgot their main duty as muslims.

Nowadays what happens in the Arab World, what happens in all Muslim countries? If we don't have power, we still have a great weapon from knowledge. If we follow Quran and Sunnah it will be more strong than anything and people will follow Islam, and Give Zakkah to whom are doing jihad and da'wah for the sake of Allah. This is the deen of Allah. We should spread the message of Islam even just one Aya from Quran. 

I'm so sad for what is happening in the Muslim world, and worry about our Ummah, can't you see ?! Allah is warning us and testing us in this life to forgive us in life and in hereafter. 

May Allah save us from the punishment , and guide us to the way of Quran and Sunnah, and help us for spreading the Message of Islam to the Whole World. Ameen ya Rabb Al'alameen.