Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Project : Let's Spread Islam on Twitter @islamforkorean
Title : Islam for Korean #한국인을위한이슬람

As-salamu 'alaykum. my name is Abdurraouf, Korean Muslim. I have so important news for Da'wah.
Most of Korean people don't know about Islam. We have responsibility for spreading Islam to all world. Now We have very important project, Please help us for the sake of Allah!

I made twitter and facebook account(/AbdullahKorean) for teaching Islam in Korean language. we have many pages on facebook and alhamdulillah now have many members. but unfortunately not many people doing da'wah for korean people on twitter . Nowdays many Koreans are using twitter. they use twitter so much for knowing about culture and life even for politics and news, many issues spreading very fastly, twitter is the most used social network in Korea. So it's so important to do da'wah on twitter and we must have strong Islamic account which is only in Korean laguage.

Korea doesn't have many muslims but Muslims are numerous in this world ! so please help us to spread Islam in Korea! follow this account and invite people also to follow us. I will write all in Korean but it's all about Islam, so please retweet and spread it. we need many followers for spreading message of Islam and then Korean people will be more interested and they will follow us, insha'Allah! so let's make this account strong for Spreading Islam in Korea. Jazakum Allahu khayran.

(@islamforkorean) Follow this account for Spreading Islam in Korea!
#Islam #Korea #Dawah #Islam_for_Korean

This is Korean hashtag for spreading Islam in Korea #한국인을위한이슬람
Korean meaning, Islam for Korean
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