Monday, May 20, 2013

This is the stroy of what you curious about my parent's response.

I must tell you my family story because I'm getting a lot of same question. 

After I became Muslim, many people ask me about something always until now. that question is "how was your parent's response when you became Muslim?" this question is from muslims. I know that Koreans no have many muslim so they curious how I became muslim and how was response from parents, I tell them always how I became Muslim because it can be also help to even our muslims wake up and love Islam more. but most of people just ask me how was parent's response only so many time it's make me sad sometimes. because this question is from our muslims. I know nonmuslims just think like Islam is teorrism and opress women but if we already worry and just fear how it will change? Becoming muslim is not something shame or crime it's honor and must be proud. we must not worry about how friends response or how parents response. that is what kufar worry, at least we muslims must not worry but be proud and spread Islam to whole world. we need focus to how to we live as more good muslim. I know when someone became muslim getting this question a lot. and someone really have big hardship because parents dont allow and they kick out from home and separate because of became muslim. if you know about this story dont be focus to this. it's something that interest. if you ask this to new muslims they will get heart again. think if you are new muslim and got a lot of hardship with his family and after that people ask to them again and again then he have to answer many time it will make remember his sad story and will make him sad, it will make hard more if he is not strong in iman. so just tell them welcome to true religion of Allah and be proud and let's do our best to become good muslim. the new muslims already faced hardship from lose friends and family and jobs and problem in kufar society. so dont make them sad but you must welcome them to be fine and peaceful in mind, so more many people can be enter Islam without worry. they are muslims so we need care them and support them. they must not worry about this things because Islam is the true religion of God and only way to enter Jannah. so must be happy and Sabr and do all best for Allah.

for me I dont have problem to tell you. just as I'm doing da'wah. I dont want make people worry about become muslim and even after muslim people ask about response it will make them sad. so i just gave advice. about my case is very different. I didnt get many hardship after became muslim because I was already got a lot of hardship. my body was weak when i was small and have problem in my stomach. also my parents divorced in my first year of high school and I live alone in dormitory and I start work early for survive. I was strong christian but I wached how this christianity system make destroy not only my family but also all people in society and country. I visited many churches but coudnlt found correct answer but I found just error from them. I was very hard not only because I was no have family who care me and live alone but I was hard because of I lose the faith in religion. and I coundlt sure who is true God and what is the truth. 

Where is truth? where is justice? where is right? where is God? People are all astray and become evil but no have guidence. so where we go? this is was most important things. I was always wanted find way of solution. I couldnt find by my self or any help of people. but when I searching the truth, Allah show the truth and guide me to right way. I know first time that Islam also religion of believe God, but there is no information in Korea. so I went many library to find books about Islam. and after learn about who is Allah and who is prophet I enter Islam directly. Alhamdulillah

and now this is what people ask always about parent's response. after I became Muslim I decided to do da'wah because this is true religion and only the way of solve problem of people. so I must tell to parents firstly before tell to korean people. so i call to them directly. I called to father and said. "look father, there is a many problem even in churches. people love just money and power and dont follow jesus correctly. we must keep the law of God and worship only God correctly." when I say this he said you looks like become good believer. I'm so proud of you. but when I say, I learn this from Islam. he said, why Islam. at least you must not Islam. He was strong christian and have a lot of prejudice like other people. but it was not problem to me because I found truth finally and it's most important things in life.I called also mother and sister. they was not interest and just worry me about life. but I tried to tell them what is truth and what is Islam. and i tried to become close with them always. I didnt worry about peoeple's response. how parent's will say, and if they do away from me. and if friends leave me. and if I lose jobs. if they think like me as trororist. this is all nothing problem because Islam is right way and Allah care us. which is really make me worry and sad is just they can go to hell if they dont accept islam. I didnt worry for my parents will be angry to me or hard to life in this life because of I became Muslim but I just worry for them for thier afterlife.

This is the stroy of what you curious about my parent's response. they have prejudice about Islam and worry for this life. but Islam is most important to us it's nothing problem to became muslim. even Allah say in Quran. "But if they strive to make thee join in worship with Me things of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not; 31: 15 So there is no any problem to choose Islam and convert to muslim. and after tell to my parents that I became muslim, I started to Da'wah to Korean people, they also have many prejudice but we just introduce them truth. when I explain the true religion of Islam nobody can deney and they just agree that is the truth. they just fear people's response and worry about it. but we dont need worry because guidence is from Allah, He guide people who want He guide.

I leave to Arab country to learn Arabic and Islam because Quran and hadith is all Arabic language and we must learn Arabic for understand it. and also I need more knowledge for da'wah. even After came to Arab country Im doing da'wah by online, make website and chatting with korean people to introduce islam. and I call always to mother and father and explain to them in good way. and I'm trying to be good son even they are kufar. my father is strong christion and he is old so much. he dont want listen me about Islam but I try to call him and help him because he is sick a lot. My mother also didnt listen me about Islam but I call her every week because I know she is lonely and still alone wihtout marry again and she miss me a lot. so I just tried to do good for her and then she open mind and listen also about Islam. she speak shahada with me and she agree that God is only one and we have to worship him alone. and she finally accept to will follow Islam with me and now she dont go church no more. I know this is very hard for her like other koreans. if she dont go church, she will lose all friends and far from society. there also no have masjid and islamic center. if have islamic society can care this but no have help there and and she is alone. she said to me "here no have muslim and no have masjid. I'm just lonely so I'm going to church." so I said, "even if no have masjid we can worship Allah alone. so firstly dont go to church, because shirk is most big sins. so try to do this first. then I will try to live with you as soon as possible. I want Study more and want to do da'wah but I will do my best for you." because I read also from many hadith prophet sallahu alayhi wa salam said that birul waliedin is so important. and it was important than Jihad. I dont fear people response but I just fear Allah. so I'm worry if Allah ask me why you didnt do good to parents. so I'm trying to do my best to good to parents. and now mother listen me more than before and she want lives with me and also want follow son's religion. so how I can let her just live alone. my study is very long becaues I have to learn Arabic first to learn Islam by Arabic and until graduate university it will take so long time. but birul walidein is so important in Islam so I cant just leave them. but also I need Islamic knoweldge for da'wah. so I told to mother wait me just two year to I learn at least Arabic language. then I will leave Arab country and will live with you. I dont want stop study because I have to da'wah also for korean people but even If I go other country it will hard for live with mother because I dont have money as I'm just student.

as I told to mother I can stop study and give up my dreams for mother because Allah order to us to do good to parents and birulwalidein is important than jihad as hadith show us. but I really want to learn Islam and need knowledge for da'wah. I really feel sorry to mother for wait many years but Allah knows my intention, I want do good all my duty in this life. I will try to do my best to find the way. I will study hard now then will prepare also to live with mother in Korea to make her happy and worship Allah good. And spread Islam in Korea InshaAllah. I ask to Allah forgive all my sins and mistakes and protect us. and I ask to Allah to guide all my family and all korean people to Islam. aameen ya rabal aalameen.