Thursday, October 3, 2013

This is a solution for how to stop K-drama (movie, music ect...)

This is a solution for how to stop K-drama, (not just Drama but also movie, music etc...)

There are many Satanic things about Korean Drama because who makes the k-drama just wants many people to watch and follow it . Surely they are not muslims so they don't care about what is suitable in Islam. Even they don't care about morals but just want many people watch then they get expansive cf back from big companies.

This Drama makes people sad, envy, cry, angry and excited and make people just love money and power and even sometimes lead people to be crazy, with love story , Zina, drink which are not allowed to be watched with family, all of that is like the life of kufar and even get over limit from their life.
This is the first step, you must know how they make this drama, what they want, and what is inside, what is this in real and then you will open your eyes and understand how it's bad to muslims.
The second step: If it's difficult to you to stop one time, or it's really really hard to stop like impossible, make a schedule in your note, like that : just watch only one drama in three days, then one drama in a week and so on, and try even to less more, until one drama in a month, then you will stop finally and you'll avoid it at all, inshaAllah.
The third step: If you really very interested in korea, so don't watch any modern korean drama, because it's really Satanic and even caused Koreans to go in a wrong way so don't watch modern korean drama, but you may watch korean historical drama, or just keep watching korean news from mbc,kbs and sbs. korean news is standard korean, so it's benefit to learn language inshaAllah.
But it's more better as I said If you stop korean drama at all. Don't say it's not so much haram because this is more worst as you will never stop because you'll think it's not so much haram like american drama, actually we don't know which one is more bad and Satanic . As i said, it's very bad if you think it's not so much haram cuz you will never give up and return to Allah, but try to stop step by step then finally just listen only to the Quran and stop listening to the music , and follow sunnah instead of following drama which is like kufar's life, and come back to Allah before it's too much late.
May Allah help us , guide us, forgive our sins, mistakes and make us enter Al jannah. aameen.