Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Abdullah (Servant of Allah)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 
All thanks and praise is due to Allah the Almighty. We ask Him to send His peace, blessings and mercy upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions, and all those who follow his way till the Day of Judgment.
Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,
In Islam, Personal Name is very important. and my name is little difficult, so I want to explain to you about my real name and tell you also about my kunya.
I'm from South Korea. which is Most east side. I was born in year 1986 and my Korean name is Park Dong-shin 박동신. generally Korean personal names consist of three parts. Nowadays they have more long name with pure Korean language also. but my name is from Chinese character as it's a tradition in my family.
I was born in Christian family and My father wanted me to believe in God in my life. So he made my name with chinese character 'shin' which means 'believe'.
Actually Park is my family name. but as a Korean tradition the personal name starts with the family name . so my real name is 'Dong-shin'. Now I will explain you its meaning in details :
Park 박 朴 of surname 2.naive 3.simple and honest
Dong 동 東 1.east
Shin 신 信 1.believe 2.honest, truthful, faithful, sincere
I must tell you that I converted to Islam in the Last day of year 2009 . but I didn't change my name because As you see it's not bad meaning. My father is christian and he prayed to God to have a son believing in Him. but there is no other god except Allah. So Allah guided me to Islam and made me believes only in Allah alone. Alhamdulillah.People also used name "Abdullah" even before Islam. but it was allowed after Islam because it's good meaning . so I didn't change my name also after became a Muslim.
but I made Arabic name as Kunnya as I love Arabic language. first time I made myself the kunnya as Abdurrashid. but I found many fatwa that Al-rashid is not Allah's name because it was weak hadith and I was fear to use it. then I found name Abdurraouf because it was similar sound and this time Ar-raouf is clearly Allah's name in Quran.
I was born as Christian and I was kafir. and I was wandering. but Allah guided me to Islam and made me Muslim walhamdulillah. Now it's passed 4 years from I convert to Islam. but I still did many mistake even after Islam. I made many pages and accounts and also made many videos. I thought that I do everything for spreading Islam. but now I realized that it makes my Iman weak when people say, 'you are good, you are great.' and everyone knows about Abdurraouf Alkoree. As I was new Muslim, My Iman was not complete. and I didnt have Knowldge in Islam. Now I study and know more about Quran and Sunnah. and realized that Riyaa is really dangerous. as it's from small shirk. and shirk is most big sin. Really Our prophet said the truth. sallahu alayhi wa salam. you can find many hadith about riyaa and can know how it's dangerous.
Now I decide to change my kunnya to Abdullah. actually I wanted to use it from the beginning as it has the same meaning. but I thought also it's strange to Korean people. and also it's so much used by muslims. So I wanted to use a special name. It's not wrong, but as I said, Now I fear from Shirk and fear from Riyaa. I love name Abdurraouf and it's now become known. and i know it's good meaning same as servant of Allah. but there is more important thing. I really fear Allah and judgment day. I must renew my intention only to Allah. and as I knew about Quran and sunnah I must act. and must do everything with sincerely for Allah. So I want to start new.
When people call me, ya Abdallah! I will just feel directly that I'm nothing but I'm just servant of Allah. and I will remember and check my intention again. I will remember this life is nothing but we live only for worship Allah. 
Some of people always say badly to me. and they will say also why he usually changes his name . it's just kunnya and I changed for Allah. Now I changed with these intention. So I wish Allah accept my intention and my name. and make me real good servant of Him.
I'm not perfect or great person. only Allah is perfect. I do mistake many times. but important is repent and return to Allah. and try to not do it again. I'm just weak human, I cant do everything perfectly. but at least I want to be away from shirk even it's small or big. I fear from riya and fear from fitnah. I want avoid from this. and just do only for Allah even it's small thing. Now I know that there is only way to peace. when we fear Allah and when we do something only for Allah then we can feel real peace and happiness. 
then it's no problem even people say bad words or good words. when people say bad words it gives so much pain and hurts but no problem because Allah knows all and he will judge everything. and there is afterlife. so no need to feel sad or angry. no need to feel unfair also.
Just do only for Allah. with ikhlas and pure intention. It's no problem even if I lose everything because I have Allah. Allah is enough. He knows everything and will give enough reward. So let's just live for only Allah . then we will be happy in this life and here after. inshaa' ALLAH
I ask to Allah to protect us from all bad things and guide us to the right way.
and I ask to Allah to make us work only for Allah. aameen
19, February 2014
Abdullah Dongshin Park